Application process

We put high emphasis to processing your application quickly and with respect. HR accompanies you through the entire application process.
Our mantra: professional - transparent - fast

Your way to us in five steps

Job search & online application
You can apply directly for an advertised position in our job portal or send us your unsolicited application if you do not find a suitable position.
After receipt of your application via our application form, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. This way you can be sure that we have received your documents.
First contact: We are eager to meet you!
After reviewing your documents, HR will contact you. In this first phone meeting, expectations, general conditions (start date, target salary, willingness to travel if necessary) and other open questions are clarified. HR will then discuss your application with the department.
Interview phase: Interest is aroused!
As a rule, one to two interviews take place. In this process, you get to know the company as well as your future Manager.
Contract & Hiring: Both sides are convinced!
HR offers you a contract by phone. The written documents are sent immediately afterwards. If you still have questions, you can contact the HR team at any time. We look forward to receiving your confirmation.
Welcome to the team!
Our onboarding program supports you to quickly settle in at KRATZER AUTOMATION.